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Or find me on Frenchmen Street on the weekends.


10 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Serena Piccione says:

    From Italy..thanks. We have your words on our fridge and often we read its. We met on 2011 when we was in honeymoon and we still thinking of you and your poetry. Thanks again.
    Serena and Marco.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the poem. MAO, Flowers, Amsterdam, Andre Bretton= “The Great Struggle”. Here is a link to a group that performed in my gallery in Seattle on a number of occasions. I think you have related but unique inspirations.


  3. Riccardo Simonelli says:


    Thanks for the poem ….

    So glad I stopped and talked to you.

    “To cast her bottle full of husband stuff into the sea of New Orleans”.

    you listened to what I said and did a fantastic job of interpreting and writing. I’m bllown away. Thank you

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Tristan! I met you in Portland in front of the bookstore and you typed me the poem on beauty, and I am just resending it to you since you didn’t have a copy..
    ‘Balefire and honesty I have been,
    and the other–the toothsome platitudes
    of wishfuls and hoped-agains
    and each in turn, each made to be braille
    plain in sincerity.
    The stretching, the naming, the fool’s
    laziness all equations in the tapestry
    of beauty, of truth, sir yessir
    seeking in the couch cushions for
    peanuts or pennies or both
    when it’s the man in the top hat
    who knows and he’s not leaving his cloud
    to talk about it.’

    Thank you for such a beautiful poem on beauty~~It was great to meet you and hope to cross paths again!

  5. Bass Mule says:

    Hell of a business model. I’m gonna start franchising it, as soon as I get me a couple dozen Royal Scrittores.

  6. Freddy Flow says:

    NOLA rhymes flow upwards in gutters’ miasmic outgassing / Passing strange, this mangy memory that follows me home / Mom, can I keep her? / A cur, true, but beautiful, broken bodied, bright with teeth / A new belief brings old lies to their knees / Pleading their case before anyone who’ll listen, nola contendere.

    -Freddy Flow

  7. Pam says:

    Hi Tristan-
    Your poem and our meeting on Frenchman St. was one of the highlights of our trip to NOLA. (We were the “Knowledge” poem of 9/30/11.)
    You’ve got a great idea going on there…..Thanks for sharing your intuition.
    Might I add, the older I get my “grey eyed wisdom bounces down follow a ball” into the gutter!
    I have become a “Fountain Hopper” with no ho hum.
    Enjoy and may the words flow easily with you always-

  8. Anonymous says:

    upon re examining the poem you wrote for me after the chaos of the evening i wanted to let you know how much i love it, if i didn’t properly communicate the extent to which i truly love it before departing ways. thank you thank you,
    sincerely , grace

  9. Victoria L. Martin says:

    Hello Tristan!,
    Want to thank you again for the poem you wrote me and my friend Jackie. We were the couple of sober alcoholics surrounded by hundreds of drunks, but our weekend in NOLA was magical anyway.Hope all is well with you! I like the last line of that poem the best…
    “Better to stand, apart and well-stitched than unravel at seams the victims of kitch.”

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