On The Mississippi, for a couple

Mother music in the water
where she laps playful,
seductive, Mississippi mud and laughter,
the deep brown of forgetting
and the eddies
worrying the wakes
of her passage.

We have come as pilgrims, as wanderers,
the great movement around us
like hidden star surge,

the condensed cosmos cool now
and furtive;
symphonies of cicadas
in the amphitheater of air
where our hands mirror the tree roots
and water; reflection; the moment of tension
before the dam bursts and the sea flirts with us,

somewhere beyond the horizons.

Royal Street
New Orleans
January 12, 2014


One Comment on “On The Mississippi, for a couple”

  1. Iris Orpi says:

    This is incredibly beautiful, impeccably flowing and masterfully crafted. It was like a barrage on the (induced) senses, and there are just so much brilliance and magic in the lines.

    I’ll most definitely keep coming back for more! Keep flowing!

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