For Cthulhu, Dread Cthulhu Entombed in Sunken R’lyeh

Tentacular homicide–
a crime? or the will of gods making good
upon the mortal name?

As for that only the passing claim a lack of ignorance
and not for hacks and coughing cries

do they leap to their demise,

whose who have seen Him with their own eyes.

The maelstrom blinks and the waters rise.

The same strength destroys mosaic tiles
as the fire that gave them life

while Unicorns are hunted for their aphrodisiac spice.*

Even He whose ancient rites
know simultaneously the sun in white hot birth
and blood cursed twilight
will die;

and blinking,

He will rise.



*this mention of unicorns here, while somehow satisfying, was inserted as per the wishes of the client.

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