Gross, “A Romantic Comedy with a ‘Happy Ending'” for Some Oldsters

Guy walks in,
good chin
holding in his hands an infant.

He’s bleeding,
and seems to have come
from the most dire of circumstance.

He collapses
and then

fifteen years hence

she’s a grown woman
and lordly suitors
follow her
every step

But the one she loves
the best
get this
is a chick

and king must needs an heir to carry his crest.

two medieval matriarchs
in one family feudal fun
of a blockbuster comes

Birthing Madam’s Son


Hugh Hefner, the kindly duke
whose donated spunk to the duo
fuels the peril and heightens the puns!

Oh yes, and the come.

Listen it’s quite droll
and if you don’t believe me
it’s all easily illuminated
in John 3:16


One Comment on “Gross, “A Romantic Comedy with a ‘Happy Ending'” for Some Oldsters”

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